Saturday, September 17, 2011


NEXIAN CAPPUCCINO G869 is the latest touch-screen series of Nexian that has been equipped wifi and popular applications. Nexian issued three series of the latest touch-screen at once ie cappuccino, SNAP, and CHAMPION. To NEXIAN G869 Cappuccino targeting young people with model looks simple but still classy with a price of about Rp 600.000an. This phone has brought dual sim card (GSM-GSM).

Cappuccino NEXIAN G869 has a touchscreen bar design with dimensions of 110 x 54 x 14 mm and weighs 100 grams. This phone has MP3 ringtones and proprietary operating systems. The phone has a lithium ion battery capacity 1000 mAh. With the charge, the phone can hold up to 5 days with minimal usage. Whereas when you use to get online, this phone can last up to about 4 hours. If we look overall, the performance of the phone is quite good. It's just that the screen sensitivity is less stable. Especially when it comes to symbols that are listed at the end of the screen, often less responsive. But this can be tricked by train for the better screen response di'pen calibration 'that exist in the settings menu.

PHOTO EDITOR. In addition to taking pictures, this phone can also be used to edit images. Both the images that you take directly from the phone, or may transfer from a friend. As long as the picture was in the phone memory, you can edit it to make it more artistic. The things you can do in this feature is a crop photos, add frames / icons / text, or reverses the image (mirror / rotate), reduce red eye, expands the canvas, or give other accents. You are required to save the image with a new name so that the edited original image remains intact.

APPLICATIONS. In addition to homemade specialty applications, this phone also does not forget to serve a million people social networking applications, facebook and twitter. You do not need to bother entering from the browser only to update the status on the two sites. With the shortcut provided, you can single click to upload a photo though. There are also features of msn, skype, google search, and yahoo mobile, yahoo messenger and talk to chat dang, also equipped with google maps and youtube. You should not run applications simultaneously, because of somewhat inhibited.

G869 Cappuccino appearance somewhat minimalist. Like the color of cappuccino drinks, this series is adorned with brown and white. The entire body was made of plastic material. Only accompanied by one button at the bottom of the screen that has many functions. Namely as the ok button, menu, shutter, to navigate the trackpad. With no other buttons on the right and left, there is only the power button (on / off) in the head. The overall dimensions of standard size with a fairly light weight. Slot 2 sim card and micro SD were behind the battery.

SCREEN. When I first turn on this series, you will be presented with user interface (wallpaper, home screen, and menus) are attractive. Unlike the previous series, the symbols and colors used alloys are very bright. WQVGA touchscreen LCD screens owned this phone is quite relieved. Measuring 3.2 inches and a depth of 65 thousand colors, this series is capable of supporting both visual activities such as browsing and game play is quite good. Resistive type touch screen, can be accessed using a stylus or your fingernail.