Sunday, November 27, 2011

S-Nexian | Nexian S, looking for strategies on regional markets

Nexian S - Nexian launches new brand of post Nexian's strategic business agreement with Si2i Ltd of Singapore. Will be able to conquer the international market this local brand? The atmosphere of the court of the Ritz Carlton hotel ballroom Pacific Place Jakarta looks festive afternoon. In a corner of the room, gathered representatives from several countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Indonesia. They're a part of a big event Nexian local brand vendors. The day was officially announced Nexian brand new S-Nexian. This is a form of strategic cooperation in the framework of glocal and the Transformation of Nexian Si2i group.

The use of the word glocal, the terminology related to think globally act locally. The point of strategic cooperation with the Spice group is more about the ability of Nexian targeting the local market that had been achieved with the sale of 10 million units. Glocal concept combines two forces that are believed to be key in future competition. Si2i name is not very famous in Indonesia. But lunge company founded by Dr.. B. Modi K it feels phenomenal. How not, Spice has built networks in various countries ranging from Africa, Asia, until the Middle East. Step does not half-hearted example acquired 65% stake in Malaysia's CSL group known as the brand Blueberry, MediaRing in Singapore, NewTel Corporation in Thailand, and Nexian in Indonesia. By relying on the distribution of mobile phone plus mobile application development by the wing of the company from now on, Spice put the horses to the competition from now on. Network that stretches from Ivory Coast to Indonesia will help make this happen.

Synergy with the international network that helps Nexian acting on an international level. With united in one group are likely to get a supply of more affordable also greater because of the volume that was ordered will be more and more. The addition of a brand to S-Nexian also confirm the concept that telecommunications is no longer just voice and SMS, but also penetrated into the mobile internet. To achieve this, it has been prepared innovation center in Singapore for the development of mobile Internet-based applications. So eventually all phones released by S-Nexian will be equipped with a number of applications generated by the wing center Si2i innovation, ranging from financial services, gaming, up to popular applications such as messaging. The integration of handset sales and provision of applications that cross state would trigger a more attractive market. Nexian big dreams as a global challenger brand in the international arena soon materialize. Residence time will prove it.