Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HP TV Dual Sim GSM 2012

HP TV dual sim 2012 is Gvon 355 Blaze has a great speaker who can issue a deafening sound. Loud speakers, that's the first impression when Blaze get acquainted with Gvon 355. These local phone loud noises that startle when newly turned on. If you turn it on in the office, can be sure all people would be shocked. That the advantages offered by Gvon on its latest product. In addition to speakers, the phone relies on a TV tuner and dual gsm.

Specifications HP TV dual sim Gvon 355 Blaze:
The screen.
2-inch screen size is quite small, but still within tolerable limits. Moreover, this is not a touch screen so it should be ok. But the small screen was less satisfactory when used to enjoy multimedia content, whereas the vendor put it in the category of multimedia phones. Screen display settings can be accessed via the menu "settings> display the character".

As mentioned earlier, this phone is hard to rely on the volume of sound produced from the speakers. His voice is quite deafening at the maximum level, even at volume level 1 course his voice is still loud. But loudness tends to produce noise rather than a clear sound. There are no dedicated buttons for volume adjustment. You can adjust the volume when running multimedia applications and pressing the keypad on the button (+) or (-).

The design.
With the concept of a candy bar design, this phone appears minimalist and practical. Nothing special about the design because the model already prevalent in the local phone. Casing made of plastic material emphasized that this is a low end cell phones, according to the segment that wants targeted. Menu input text using a qwerty keypad with a red button. At the top of the body there are 3 LED that serves as a center. How to use press the center navigation button for several seconds. Do the same thing to turn off the flashlight.

The camera.
This phone is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera capable of producing images with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 980 pixels. Without flash and autofocus, a digital camera feature that is included here quite a bit and quality is also unsatisfactory. In addition to taking photographs or still images, you can also record video. Recommended settings through the menu limited. You need to try some of the keypad buttons to access the camera menu like the W mass resolution for the election.

The Internet.
Internet connection via the cellular network only to GPRS only. You can not expect much to access the Internet quickly. Provided a simple browser in mobile phones is quite easy to operate for surfing the internet. There are several popular social networking service menu, but not applications but only a direct shortcut to the browser.